8 out 12 months complete of my one year of not buying anything

Just after Xmas and New Years, leading up to January sales, my one year of not buying anything: 8 months out of 12 complete!

And I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. Quite the opposite. I’ve gotten to:


Be creative and resourceful fixing, mending and repairing broken items

Observe my own and others consumer habits

Be more mindful of how I spend on food and basic necessities.


What has provoked some thoughts on consuming is the process of it.

Is it about the action of buying and spending?
Is it about novelty?
Is it about owning (‘Property is Theft’ by Proudhon) and possessing?
Is it about consuming?
Is it about feeling of inner incompleteness we are trying to fill with external objects?

Probably all of it. And I’m no saint.
I spend on food, but also am more and more interested in:
– where did this food come from?
– who gets the profit?
– what ingredients are in it?
– who made it?
– what’s the carbon footprint of it?

I’m trying to do my bit.
If you’re interested in doing yours, before you buy, ask yourself:
– do you need it?
– who made it?
– who gets the profit?
– is it recycled?
– can you find it locally?

Are you in?

I’m looking forward to the next 4 months to complete my year. Who knows, maybe there’s a second year with the same habits, or advanced version of it….

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