Taken on too much work or other people’s drama, putting up with poor behaviour (yours or someone else’s), ignoring your creative flow to leak your energy somewhere else, saying yes when saying no would feel more authentic?

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately.

Sometimes we (including me) learn about our boundaries when they’re crossed: we feel something’s just not quite right, we might feel anxious, depleted and stressed, our breathing becomes shallow and our wellbeing suffers. Especially if you’re an empath this could be you.

Healthy and strong boundaries are part of being human. Just like our skin and lungs act as beautiful boundaries to take in and expel what is good for us. So listen deep, your body and soul will speak.

Living yoga on and off the mat we can cultivate our understanding of our own boundaries and communicate these in a healthy way in our relationships. 

When we say ‘no’, it’s our way of taking care of ourselves, saying a big healthy ‘yes’ to our wellbeing. Strong boundaries result in better wellbeing, emotional balance, stronger and steadier relationships and kindness and compassion when we also understand and honour other people’s boundaries. A healthy relationship includes freedom to say both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. 

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