Create Your Home Shala

Your Sacred Space & Experience

When practicing at home it’s vital to do so in a space that feels safe, secure, secluded and sacred. This can be any space that you can transform into yours, maybe just for 20 minutes, maybe for a day.

This is Your. Sacred. Space. Own it, make it yours, do your magic. And know that it deosn’t have to be perfect. Good is enough. (See real life pics above.)

First: Identify the space you’d like to practice in, that you can transform relatively easily into your home shala. This can be your bedroom, the kids’ room, office space, garage, garden, balcony – wherever you will not be disturbed or distracted.

Second (my biggest challenge): Declutter your space as much as possible (including the phone) so you have space only for the items that you really need, want and love.

Third: Make the space inviting, delicious, nurturing and safe. You can add any or all of the following, you can get creative – but you may not need any of them.

  • Candles, fairy lights, natural light, soft darkness? If you use naked flame candles, make sure you and the space stay safe.
  • Silence, music or sounds of nature? (If you play music during an online class, my experience is that it’s best to play the music from a different device than you’re listening the class from.)
  • Essential oils, diffuser, sage, incense? Plain fresh air?
  • Hot water bottle, blankets, heater, what ever makes you feel cozy and warm
  • Yoga mat, thick blanket, outdoors under the sky on the grass?
  • The props you need: blocks, strap, pillows?
  • Decor, or no decor: flowers, crystals, statues, symbols?
  • Herbal tea, water, kombucha to sip after the practice?
  • A journal & pen – to journal any insights from your practice afterwards.

Fourth: Let the HUMANS you live with know what time you’ll be emerging from your sacred space. You can show your appreciation of them honouring your self care time.

Fifth and the best part: YOU. In whatever gear, form and state you’re in. Welcome yourself to your space and practice.

ENJOY your space and your practice!

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