Done – One Year of Not Buying Anything

I did it. One year of not buying anything completed. It was easier than I thought!

This experiment has made me re-evaluate my consumer habits and tendencies. And others’.

It made me re-evaluate:
– what I buy
– can it be fixed
– can I find it 2nd hand
– do I really need it

It made me question:
– who made it, are their working conditions fare
– who gets the profit
– what is it made of and where

I got to:
– Be creative and resourceful fixing and mending broken items
– Repurpose items
– Be more mindful of how I spend on food and basic necessities
– Pay carbon tax very easily when I fly
– Cycle to most places instead of using the car – and notice that eventually my thighs do get tired!

Purpose was not the save money but that came as a bonus.

I still have  A LOT OF STUFF, no matter how much I mariekondo it. And reposting from earlier: This owning business is a long avenue. I still ponder what is it about constant compulsive buying and owning process, what is the gap it is trying to fill?
– Is it about the action of buying and spending?
– Is it about novelty?
– Is it about owning (‘Property is Theft’ by Proudhon) and possessing?
– Is it about consuming?
– Is it about feeling of inner incompleteness we are trying to fill with external objects?

I did buy something: I had my rules to replace broken items that couldn’t be fixed and I couldn’t find it 2nd hand:
– A new kettle
– PJ shorts as the ones I was travelling with fell apart literally and I was left with no pants. Umm, no.
– A moon cup to reduce waste on monthly sanitary pads and tampons

And sure, i had my moments of temptations – read the previous blog posts…

Some ask me what will I buy now. Me: nothing. Food? What i do need to buy soon:
New pair of Birkenstocks. I go through a pair every 18 months and last pair was bought in July 2018. Bikinis, yoga clothes and a yoga mat. Living in Australia the sun is abrasive and elasticity just goes. (I’ve gone through 3 sets of bikinis and heaps of tops, sun wares the fabric out, the swimmers literally don’t stay on and nudist beach are limited here.)

Now I’m even more curious about the ethical and organic origins of these items.

One year later same applies:
Sunset don’t cost the earth or me, and don’t take space in my closet.

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