One Year Extended

I’ve been listening as you’ve been asking questions, following this more than a year long story now.

My one year of not buying any ‘stuff’, anything new, ended after 1 year, 1 month and 3 weeks of not buying anything. If you’ve read the previous blogs and posts about this topic you know this time was easier than I had thought, despite a couple temptations. I got more and more curious about and engaged with ethical and sustainable origins of products (including food and services), I got to be creative and resourceful with mending, repurposing and upcycling, and I got to observe my own and others’ consumer habits. 

But you already know that. So now what? What did I buy and why? This is what many want to know.

Very simple items that I actually needed, that I go through in regular cycles. I knew that my two year old Birkenstocks had to retire, they were getting weary. My yoga mat was peeling and shedding, my black leggings (if you teach also online and/or are a woman with a cycle you’ll know why these are needed) have become seethrough which is not the reason students sign up for, and I had only one comfy crop top left in my drawer (post Marie Kondoing it).

I tried to get all my new purchases from what I consider as ethical and sustainable businessesBirkenstocks commit to sustainability goals but unfortunately don’t currently provide facilities or services to recycle or upcycle old worn out shoes. Indigo Luna provides not only comfy, practical and beautiful practice gear made of organic materials but also transparent ethical working conditions and sends my items in a biodegradable cassava starch bag (which I’ve kept because I think it’s awesome). My new yoga mat with its top layer made from recycled plastic bottles came from Divine Goddess Eco Mats – difficult choice between another great one Sahaja.

Some of you asked where to find environmentally friendly swimwear. Well, that’s not too tricky to find online (e.g. Indigo Luna, Vege Threads and more). But in all honesty, I’d like to try it on before I buy, to make sure it stays on, also in the surf. If it’s sitting on my shelf unused, it’s money and resources wasted and another swimwear on my shopping list. 

I’m not affiliated with any of these brands or companies. My intention was not to preach but to share the unfoldings of this personal journey and it’s my personal choice to consume with a tiny bit more focus on environmental sustainability and ethical and fair work conditions – because I value this planet, the nature and the people behind the items I consume with joy – and I dare say – with gratitude.

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