Reconnect with YourSelf

In your true essence you are in your highest power, to show up as the best version of yourself – for yourself and for others.

When life gets busy and throws challenges, unexpected changes and hectic agendas to our days we can lose connection to ourselves.

I can get easily thrown off balance. (See the pics?) That’s why I come to my mat day after day, I sit down in stillness, I enjoy silence and solitude, technology free connection with nature and its sounds, the river of my breath, dance. Moment after moment, breath after breath. So, that I find my way back to myself. So, that I can show up better for others.

Most societies reward busyness, effectiveness, production and doing, and we can simply forget how to just be. To be in our natural meditative state of ease and grace.

Can we become more aware of the situations that might throw us off and cultivate a better response to these situations? Can we own our triggers and address them (pratiprasava it)?

You have infinite resources within you to help to reconnect with yourself, to respond from your highest Self to the situations, to the relationships, to the inner and outer unrest. Reach into your highest Self. For yourself, and for others.

This sequence of pictures shows me finding my center in this beautiful Finnish forest that gratefully has not been burning. This was at the same time when there was a lot of media attention around the Amazon rainforest burning. We now know that Australia is burning. Indonesia is still burning. If you look at the global map, you can see that our planet is burning.

As the best version of yourself, can you show up, act for the unity – that is yoga – for the planet of which we are part of: make small every day decisions to prevent global warming, reduce carbon footprint, help volunteers to extinguish fires? Ride a bike or bus instead of a car, sign a petition to impact government policies, pay your carbon offset tax if and when you fly, donate to plant a tree, donate to help the fire fighting volunteers?
What are the magnitude of ways you practice yoga?

Reconnect with You, time after time.

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