Reflections of the last full moon of 2019

Entire last decade and this year have been massive shifts and changes that I myself have ignited and managed. Nothing less than moving continents three times, re-inventing myself professionally but always within my authentic self. I know I’ve done the work, investment in energy, time and money.

I am grateful for:

– how good Australia has been to me, my health and wellbeing, my growth
the opportunities, trust and support given
– the parents that I have
– the friends I’ve kept and new ones I’ve met
– the partner that I’ve met, the love we’ve shared, the adventures we’ve had, his massive family of which I’m now part (sometimes I need to pinch myself to believe it!)
– the goodbyes I’ve said
– the boundaries I’ve set
– the teachers I’ve been given and who have moved me in many bodies
– the lessons I’ve learnt and continue to unravel, investigate and embody
– the rise of my authentic self with zero apology but magnitude of abundance
– the challenges, obstacles rejections that have helped me to do just that
– the laughs and smiles I’ve shared
– the tears and layers I’ve shed
– the dances I’ve shared
– the dreams, visions and wishes I’ve manifested
– the scary things that I’ve done
– the tough conversations that had to be had
– the goals that I’ve met

I welcome 2020 in! May it be a start of another era of shift in united states of consciousness, common wealth of acceptance, adventures, abundance, love, joyful flow and authenticity.

Celebrate and aim high, beyond this reality!

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