My journey

Originally from Finland, I started practicing yoga in 2007 in Tanzania whilst working for the United Nations. I continued my journey in India where I lived for two years and then completed my yoga teacher in the Himalayas.

As a certified hatha, vinyasa, yin and yang yoga teacher and Yoga Trance Dance®️ facilitator I guide you through the seasons and the elements and enjoy empowering you to grow and follow your personal journey. I believe the benefits of yoga stretch (pun intended) from the mat to all aspects of life. I am grateful to share my experience and knowledge while allowing you to embrace and honour your individuality.

When not practicing or teaching yoga and dance I am a qualified change management coach, for organisations and individuals who face or want to instigate change in their worlds. I apply ADKAR®️ and GROW®️ coaching methodologies to real life, providing a holistic change support with yoga.

Having made several life changes myself I’m familiar with the pain points and challenges. I have moved from Finland to Tanzania, from Tanzania to India, from India to Australia. I have lived in several cultures and had to adapt myself in those while re-inventing myself from a journalist to working for charities, working for the UN in developing countries influencing a change in policies, practices and traditions and then driving and managing changes and transformations in the government organisations and in a big telco industry. 

I continue to be  inspired by yoga’s ancient background, nature, arts, dance, passionate people and the unlimited possibilities of the mind. 

My qualifications
200 hrs yin & yang level 2 by Mysan Sibdo July 2017 & 2019
200hrs hatha, Trimurti Yoga International, Dharamshala, India 2013
150 hrs Elemental Prana Vinyasa®️ with Delamay Devi, created by Shiva Rea 2018-2020
40 hrs Chakra Prana Vinyasa®️ with Shiva Rea 2018
30 hrs Rasa Vinyasa with Shiva Rea 2019
25 hrs Yoga Trance Dance®️ with Delamay Devi, created by Shiva Rea 2018
25 hrs Immersion to Elemental Prana Vinyasa®️ with Shiva Rea 2016
Foundations of Tantrik Yoga with Tantrika Institute – ongoing
Prosci accredited (ADKAR®️) change practitioner
GROW®️ & Inquiry Based Coaching
SAFE®️ 4.5 for Teams

If you’d like to practice, evolve, change or dance with me,
please get in touch.

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