Yoga & Meditation at Workplace

Corporate classes

Investing in employees’ physical and mental wellbeing and offering yoga and meditation at workplace is becoming more mainstream than ever. Why?

Organisations are starting to understand the benefits of the practice, and recently Harward University showed that meditation increases brain’s grey matter. In addition, yoga and meditation can create improved level of awareness of actions, thoughts and breath; more mindful approach in responding to situations; relax the nervous system and release tension from the physical and mental body.

Having worked in large organisations myself I understand the pressure, timelines and matrix of stakeholders that we navigate our priorities with. If you are interested in increasing your employees’ wellbeing and grey matter, please get in touch by using the form below.


“Taru is a fantastic facilitator. She adapts the session to support my physical limitations and makes it very enjoyable and challenging, without over-extending myself. I also loved the meditation. Taru’s voice is soothing, and her style of meditation is comforting which allows me to go deep into the meditation. I enjoy my sessions with Taru and get so much out of them. I highly recommend Taru as an experienced, kind and supportive facilitator who puts her client’s first. Thank you Taru.”
– L.D. Mission Australia

“The Yoga Nidra session was beautiful; relaxing, calming and grounding. Allowing you to enter deep mindful relaxation. Such a lovely practice facilitated by a knowledgeable, skilled and authentic human”.
– C.B. Mission Australia

Have a taste of simple, short and sweet meditations, no logins required:

So Hum meditation

Meditation from Breath to Pause

Yoga Nidra

Get in touch with the form below to discuss how
yoga & meditation can benefit your organisation.

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